Martin Schurig
Application Engineer based in Barcelona, Spain.


If you are bilingual you sometimes have the problem that you don’t remember a word. But you also don’t want to switch to an other window to look it up. So how do you lookup a word in the dictionary with a shortcut?


There are three steps to do that.

Using the trackpad

  1. Make sure that the option Look up in your trackpad settings is activated. For that go to System Preferences -> Trackpad.

  2. Click with three fingers on a word that you want to define.

Using a keyboard shortcut

  • Select a word and press Cmd(⌘)+Ctrl+D.

Right click

  • Select a word, click right and select Look up ....


You can add and activate plugins for the dictionary app by opening the app and going into its preferences (⌘+,).

Example: if you want to have the German translation for an English word you can download  this plugin  (with instructions).

There are a lot more dictionary plugins out there!

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